About the Teachers

Sra. Bonyin


Estela Alfaro

My name is Estela Alfaro. I was born in Mexico and grew up in Harlingen, Texas. In 1980, I transferred to the University of MN where I met my husband Marco. We have been happily married since.   I have always been interested in second language learning, and have obtained several degrees pursuing this passion including a Master's Degree in Curriculum Instruction and licenses in Elementary Education, Bilingual, Bi-cultural and English as a Second Language.

My goals as a teacher are to create a welcoming environment for my students and to give them the tools they need so they can be independent life-long learners.

Combining the International Baccalaureate curriculum with language immersion is challenging, but very rewarding, ultimately benefiting our students and inspiring them to become citizens of the world.   I am so fortunate to teach and share with you the community of ISLA.

My favorite pastimes is to spend time with my family and grandchildren. As well as to travel around the world to learn about historical places and cultures.

I am looking forward to a great year!